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TRAVEL – Business & STUDY in China

         chingirl However everyone knows that export – import activities are very good from China. Manufacturer China (Guangzhou producer) are at your service! Search manufacturers in China, transportation of Guangzhou. This direction includes the work of organizing the supply of various goods and accessories trading and industrial enterprises in Russia and Asia, searching for manufacturers of custom, quality control, preparation of all necessary for export from China of documents and other services. With offices in Guangzhou and other cities, our company can help you establish a profitable business in China, arranges a trip to the country and the delivery of goods from China. Also organizing transportation and customs services-delivery of goods from China. Provided all the necessary range of services for cargo transportation from China. You just place the order at the factory, all the rest, quality control, delivery of goods from China with the factory to your country, and customs clearance our company and our professional personal’s will care.. Services for the delivery of your shipment from Guangzhou to your country by rail in containers also it’s possible with trailer’s.

Travel Services – Tour Operator in China – Tours to China (Guangzhou tour) – welcome business travelers to China. Book a hotel, airport, information about any exhibition in China, the development path and the organization of business trips to visit factories of Guangzhou, China manufacturers, suppliers of various products. In addition, possible excursion to Canton, and other historical places of the country. We provide services of qualified interpreters in a trip to China and also you have possibilities to rent a car with driver.

Celestial economy is growing rapidly, so that business in China, with each goal becomes more profitable. Such a geographical point as Guangzhou is known in business circles through out the world, and the exhibition in China (fairs in China) attracted a huge number of participants. Given that manufacturers in China, mainly export-oriented, of great importance when doing business in China have international shipping. Our company is a business travel for whole China and offers a trip to Guangzhou, and other commercial centers in the country. Gives you a chance to visit a fair (fairs in China) where you can find new partners and sign lucrative contracts. It also offers the best hotels in China, and sightseeing tours.

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All services, including consolidation of freight in China, shipping from China and participate in fairs in China provides us the highest level, so a trip to Guangzhou will be a profitable event for you. If you are just starting to develop international markets, offering a study tour to Guangzhou, or a trip to China for fairs in China as a guest. Our tour operator, will meet you at the airport, will provide the necessary information and book the best hotels in China at the lowest prices. Our experts if necessary, arrange freight from China, a business trip to Guangzhou, cargo consolidation in China, and more. In our face you will find a reliable partner!

Study in China

Do you still think that China – the dense populated country, where everywhere go pioneers and people are working from dawn to dusk for a bowl of rice? Modern China is developing at a frantic pace, and it’s not just the economy: 15 years ago of Chinese universities have not heard, and today the formation of the Middle Kingdom is consistent with European standards. Now English speakers will not surprize anyone. A’s Chinese is becoming more promising and relevant. China is becoming a popular destination for higher education, the number of foreign students is increasing every year. According to China Daily, according to research conducted by the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, the world education market, China occupies the 6th position. In the list of leading U.S., UK and Australia. Among state officials and the nouveaux riches from the business has become fashionable to send their children to study in China in order to then proudly tell friends that their heir (or heiress) are trained in foreign universities. This is because training in China is only in Chinese, in connection with which there is a certain complexity in the development of technical specialties. The study of Chinese language imposes particular, brings some difficulties and limitations and is in direct proportion to the level of pre-language proficiency of students. Today, at language schools in Beijing and Guangzhou learns a lot of students from Europe, USA, Japan, coming businessmens from Russia who are interested in developing business relations with China. Many of them claim that spoken language is not so difficult to learn, as it seems: there are no grammatical elements such as conjugation, time and other musical ear is desirable, but can do without it – the Chinese are only four tones sound, and it’s the strength to master the majority of students. Teachers also believe that spoken language is particularly easy and fast for persons who speaks russian given to students because they have more developed articular apparatus: it is easier to pronounce difficult sound combinations, which are can be meet in the Russian language. At presents a certain difficulty only in writing the Chinese language: the development of five thousand characters, which are required to know an educated person, it takes time, concentration and patience. But this step is necessary only to those foreign students who plan to pursue higher education in China. Most of the students come back with almost zero knowledge of Chinese and a year of language learning comes in the first year of university.

The most famous universities in China:
Wushan University (Guang Zhou)
Zhong Shan University (Guang Zhou)
Beijing University of Technology
China Agricultural University
ChongQing University
Fudan University
Jilin University
Nanjing University
Northeast University
Northwestern Polytechnical University
Renmin University
Xinjiang Shifan (Normal) University
Tsinghua University
University of International Business and Economics
Xiamen University 



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