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      Tajikistan is landlocked, and is the smallest nation in Central Asia by area. It is covered by mountains of the Pamir range, and more than fifty percent of the country is over 3,000 meters (approx. 10,000 ft) above sea level. The only major areas of lower land are in the north (part of the Fergana Valley), and in the southern Kofarnihon and Vakhsh river valleys, which form the Amu Darya. Dushanbe is located on the southern slopes above the Kofarnihon valley. Fan Mountain’s The most raised central part of the Zeravshan ridge located between Archamaydan valley on З and Fandarya on В, on c-3. In height over 5000 m (the greatest = 5489 m, Chimtarga). Are combined mainly by Paleozoic limestones. Freakish forms of a relief; peaked tops. There are glaciers. The river (pool Zeravshana) have developed narrow and deep gorges. Many picturesque high-mountainous lakes (Iskanderkul, Kulikalon, etc.). In valleys of the rivers there is a poplar, a maple, a birch, some kinds of fruit trees, a hawthorn, etc.; on slopes to height 3000 m grows fur tree. his place is created by the nature especially for climbers, mountaineers and other fans of active vacation in the entire Central Asia. They attract travelers not only by captivating beauty of the nature but also by variable environment, rich flora and fauna.

Dozens of routes across the Fan Mountains passes will help you to get better acquainted with the rich nature of this corner of mountain Tajikistan, to see its most beautiful places. Everyone who has visited them once, left with indelible impressions for the rest of his life.

“I left my heart in the Fan Mountains. Now I heartlessly walk o’er plains” – Jury Vizbor, a famous song writer used to sing. So does everyone who has spent a vacation in the Fans.


      The Fan’s boast about a hundred peaks, with several rising to altitudes of more than 5000 meters and relative elevations of up to 1500 meters. The highest point in Fann Mountains is Chimtarga peak (5489 m). Other 5000 m peaks are Bodkhona (5138 m), Chapdara (5050 m), Big Hansa (5306 m), Little Hansa (5031 m), Zamok (Castle, 5070 m), Mirali (5132 m), and Energy (5120 m).

The best time for visiting is May-October for trekking and July-September for mountaineering , when the weather is usually at its best. Access is generally from Dushanbe which can be reached either from Khujand and Uzbek border Oybek.

Mountain                                                    - Height-                                                                                      Location
Ismoil Somoni Peak (highest)    7,495 m                24,590 ft                  North-western edge of Gorno-Badakhshan (GBAO), south of the Kyrgyz border

Ibn Sina Peak (Lenin Peak)         7,174 m                23,537 ft                  Northern border in the Trans-Alay Range, north-east of Ismoil Somoni Peak

Peak Korzhenevskaya   7,105 m                23,310 ft                  North of Ismoil Somoni Peak, on the south bank of Muksu River

Independence Peak (Revolution Peak)                6,974 m                22,881 ft                  Central Gorno-Badakhshan, south-east of Ismoil Somoni Peak

Akademiya Nauk Range               6,785 m                22,260 ft                  North-western Gorno-Badakhshan, stretches in the north-south direction

Karl Marx Peak 6,726 m                22,067 ft                  GBAO, near the border to Afghanistan in the northern ridge of the Karakoram Range

Mayakovskiy Peak          6,096 m                20,000 ft                  Extreme south-west of GBAO, near the border to Afghanistan.

Concord Peak   5,469 m                17,943 ft                  Southern border in the northern ridge of the Karakoram Range

Kyzylart Pass     4,280 m                14,042 ft                  Northern border in the Trans-Alay Range

The Amu Darya and Panj rivers mark the border with Afghanistan, and the glaciers in Tajikistan’s mountains are the major source of runoff for the Aral Sea. There are over 900 rivers in Tajikistan longer than 10 kilometers.

About 2% of the country’s area is covered by lakes, the best known of which are the following:

Kayrakum (Qairoqqum) Reservoir (Sughd)
Iskanderkul (Fann Mountains)
Kulikalon (Kul-i Kalon) (Fann Mountains)
Nurek Reservoir (Khatlon)
Kara-Kul (Tajik: Qarokul; eastern Pamir)
Sarez (Pamir)
Shadau Lake (Pamir)
Zorkul (Pamir)

Lesser known lakes (all in the Pamir region) include

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