Hiking in Fann mountains

The Fann mountains – most beautiful part of the Pamir-Alai mountain system in Central Asia. Fann mountains are considered to be one of the most beautiful mountains in the world, tourists from all over the world regularly hike around these mountains. Stable warm weather and convenient transport accessibility make these mountains attractive for climbers and extreme sports enthusiasts. A hike through the beautiful Fann mountains will leave a lot of new impressions: amazing and unique natural attractions that can hardly be seen anywhere else are collected here.

  •  july / august / september
  •  8 -15 pax
  •  11 days
  •  Samarkand, Panjakent, Fann mountains
  •  USD – / Vans
  •  july/august/september
  •  2 – 4 pax
  •  11 days
  •  Samarkand, Panjakent, Fann mountains
  •  USD – / 4WD Toyota, Lexus


Day 1. Arrival in Samarkand

Arrival at the international airport of Samarkand. Meeting with the guide. Accommodation at the hotel (check-in time at 14:00). Dinner. Sightseeing tour of Samarkand: Mausoleum “Gur-Emir” (15th century), “Registan Ensemble”, “Ulugbek” (15th century), “Sher-Dor Madrasah” (17th century), Madrasah “Tillya-Kari” ( 17th century), Bibikhanum Mosque (15). c.), local bazaar “Siyab”, Shakhi-Zinda. Dinner in a traditional restaurant with national dishes. Overnight in Samarkand.

Day 2. Tajik – Uzbek border Jarteppa – Penjikent – Artuch

Breakfast. Transfer to the Jarteppa border for crossing. Crossing the border will take no more than 30 – 40 minutes. A visit to one of the main attractions of the city of Panjakent, which is included in the UNESCO heritage list – the settlement of Sarazm (5500 l. (Pompeii of Central Asia), the central market. Lunch in the national teahouse. Delicious pilaf in Penjikent. Transfer to the tourist base camp “Artuch”, located at an altitude of 2200 m, high in the heart of the Fann Mountains Accommodation in the camp cotagges Dinner in the camp cafe. Overnight in cottages.

Distance 130 km;

Day 3. Lake Chukurak – Lake Ziyorat – Artuch

Breakfast. After a delicious breakfast made from fresh local products, we set off on an acclimatization hike to Lake Chukurak (2455 m) and Lake Ziyorat. Visiting local residents, where they live in temporary shelters and graze livestock. Local people bake delicious milk cakes on a stone according to a traditional recipe. A treat with local milk products. We descend back to the Artuch alpine camp, where a delicious lunch awaits us in the dining room. Free time. The evening meal will be the traditional Food of the Kings. Today we will share with you our famous recipe, and you can learn how to cook “Oshi palov” and join the traditional way of cooking. Overnight at the cottages.

Distance 7 km;

Day 4. Artuch 2200m. – Kulikalon Lakes – Bibidzhanat Lake 2800m.

The beginning of the active part of the hike. Ascent along a good path to the Kulikalon lakes. The first days our backpacks will carry donkeys, this will facilitate our acclimatization and reduce the load. Our route begins with an ascent along the waterfall and the Khodzharovat and Ruzirovat mountains. On the way up, during the day, there is an opportunity to admire the wonderful panorama of the majestic Kulikalon wall and the surrounding peaks over 4000m (Adamtash, Mirali, Rudaki, etc.). On the way – inspection of the Kulikalon Lakes (14 lakes in total) with the purest emerald-blue water. The lake inhabit with cold water  fish Marinka. The trail goes through a picturesque juniper forest. After lunch, a walk along the lakes of the Kulikalon depression. We will set up a camp on the shore of Lake Bibidzhanat and stay for the first night. Overnight in a tent.

Distance 10 km; 5:00; + 700m.

Day 5. Alaudin Pass 3860m. (1A) – Alauddin Lakes 2800m.

Today we will have a very early ascent, ahead we will have an ascent to the Alaudin pass of category 1A. Ascent to the Alauddin pass (3860 m) and descent to the Alauddin lakes (7km; 6h; + 960m; -1060m). During the long ascent, the panorama of the wall and the view of the Kulikalon lakes and the Dushaha lakes (the Eyes of Mary) are pleasing to the eye. On the saddle there is an impressive view of the Chapdara peak (5197m) and the Chapdara river valley. Far below, the bowls of the Alauddin Lakes are clearly visible, amazing in their water color from light blue to juicy ultramarine. Camp on the shore of the Chapdara lakes (2800 m). Overnight in a tent.

Distance 10 km; 1000 m

Day 6. Muddy (Mutnye) lakes 3490m.

Morning. After breakfast we continue our route to Mutnye lakes. During the day, there is a beautiful panorama of Kaznok, Zamok (5070 m), Energia (5105 m) and Chimtarga (5489 m) peaks. The harsh nature of the alpine zone of mountains, hanging glaciers and steep moraine ramparts. On the way, there are rare birches and a small lake, nicknamed for its round shape – Lake Piala, those who wish can swim on the lakes, giant steps of a retreating glacier, polished rocks. Eagles can be seen circling high in the sky. After arrival to the Muddy lakes we say goodbye to the mule drivers –  those who wish can carry backpacks on themselves or give them to the porters. The entire passage will take us no more than three to four hours, so we will spend the entire afternoon resting. The splendor of the landscape and the absence of vegetation create a mesmerizing picture. Overnight in a tent.

Distance: 7 km, set +800 m.

Day 7. Trekking to Chimtarga pass 4450m.

Today, a long climb from Mutnye Lakes to the saddle needs to be gained about 1200 m. Today we will only climb to the pass, gradually passing through acclimatization and gaining altitude. The trail first passes along the talus, then turns onto the glacier descending from the top of Energia peak, and takes us to a rather steep talus slope, after passing which we will find ourselves in a cozy pass place. We will immediately rest and have a snack. Then we will continue the route to the third place of the tent camp under the Chimtarga pass 4450m. and have dinner with an inimitable view of the peaks of Chimtarga, Energia and the saddle of the pass and the peaks of the giant mountains are perfectly visible. We will have the highest overnight stay on the hike. Overnight in a tent.

Distance: 6 km, +1200 m

Day 8. Chimtarga pass 4750m. – Big Alo lake 3140m.

In the morning we make a dash – and now we have reached the saddle of the Chimtarga pass. Here, from a height of 4750 m, a wonderful panorama opens from the transcendental peaks of the Malaya (Small) and Big Hansa. We have a long way down to the valley of the Right Zindon River to Lake Bolshoye Allo (Big Allo). The trail runs along the slopes, covered with small stones. It is difficult to move in places, but we will overcome it. After the final crossing over a large stone blockage, we go out to the intersection of the valleys, where the cherished lake is hidden. In 1912, a powerful earthquake shook the mountains, causing the southern slope of the West Fann mountains to be instantly shattered to pieces. The river stopped, and the mountains witnessed the birth of a new “mountain eye” – Big Alo lake. It has a bean-like shape, filled with ice water of an unusually rich blue color. Among the thirty Fann lakes, Big Alo is considered the most majestic and beautiful. Overnight in a tent.

Distance: 12 km; + 650 m, -1600 m.

Day 9. Afternoon. Upper Allo 3400m.

Reserve day in case of bad weather. We will have a day as a spare in case of bad weather or other force majeure circumstances. Today we are having a little rest on the lake. We swim and take a sunbathe. The water in the lake is warm enough. Those who wish can go to the radial exit to the small lake Upper Allo. Overnight in a tent.

Day 10. Small Allo 2340m. – Gazza village – Alpine camp Artuch

Today we are waiting for the longest crossing and the final part of our route. The trail leads us along a steep gorge, past the small lake Maloe Allo. Lunch by the lake enjoying the coolness and tranquility of the lake. With every hundred meters, going down to the Gazza village, the air temperature will become warmer. We meet with our driver. Next, we go by car to Artuch Alpine Camp. A wonderful farewell evening and a sauna await us.

Distance 19 km, -1500 m

Day 11. Artuch alpine camp – Transfer to Samarkand

Breakfast. Today we are leaving Tajikistan. In the morning we leave by cars in the direction of the Tajik – Uzbek border near the Samarkand. Border crossing. Transfer to Samarkand. Arrival to Samarkand. Farewell to the group. End of services

* Accommodation (DBL) in Samarkand and Artuch cottages. * Guide, Mountain Guide
* Meals: Full board, 3 times per day * All entrance fees and ecology fees
* Transfers * Tents
* Donkeys * Sauna
Excludes :  
* Alcoholic drinks * All personal expanses


Money exchange:

The money exchange can be replicated upon arrival at local banks.




Boots – It is advisable to have quality leather rubberized trekking boots.


Pants – You need to have sturdy pants for everyday wear.

Synthetic T-shirts – 2-3 pieces.

Thermal underwear set.

Fleece jacket.

The membrane jacket.

Socks – 5 pairs maximum.


Sun protection headdress.

Personal equipment:

Sleeping bag – with a comfort temperature of – 10.


Backpack (70-80 liters).



Trekking poles.

A headlamp with a good battery.

UV protection sunglasses.

High protection sun cream (minimum spf 30).

Personal first aid kit.

Spoon, mug, bowl, knife (light).

Hygiene kit.