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4 WHEEL DRIVE TOURS IN TAJIKISTAN – active tours, including jeeping, trekking, hiking and excursions. Tours are held throughout the summer season from May to October in comfortable jeeps. Departure cities: Dushanbe, Khujand, Penjikent, Samarkand, Tashkent. Thousands of tourists visit Tajikistan every year. Taking advantage of the offer of our 4WD tours, they take with them a lot of positive emotions and pleasant memories. When traveling to Tajikistan, remember that in addition to the rich culture, there are also mountains and lakes. Nature has endowed them with extraordinary beauty. First of all, the most unique feature of which is their location. The main ridge is the Fann Mountains. The Fann Mountains cannot be described in words, they must be seen. At first glance, the rich variety of landscapes is striking.

  •  мay – october
  •  2 – 4 – 8 – 12 pax
  •  7 days
  •  Dushanbe, Fann mountains
  •  USD – / 4WD Toyota & Lexus 


1 day. Dushanbe

Arrival in Dushanbe. Meeting with your guide at the airport. On this day, centuries of tradition come alive as you begin to explore this exciting capital. The source of Dushanbe lies at the crossroads of the Great Silk Road. Visit to the world’s largest flagpole, Parliament House, Ismail Somoni Square, National Museum, Navruzgoh Palace and lunch at the local Teahouse Navruzgoh. After lunch, transfer to the Khisar fortress 30 km from Dushanbe. Excursion to the Khisar fortress. Those who wish can get involved in horse riding. Return to Dushanbe. Visit to Mehrgon market. Dinner at the National Restaurant Bukhara (performance of national dances and live music). Walking tour of Dushanbe at night (fountains and parks of the capital). Return to the hotel.

2 day. Dushanbe – Alaudin Lakes

Breakfast at 7:30 am – 8:30 am. Departure from the hotel at 09:00. Today we will be able to make sure that 93% of Tajikistan consists of high mountains, our road runs through the beautiful Anzob mountain pass. Picnic on the road. Arrival to Alaudin Mountaineering Camp. Preparing the camping site. Setting up tents. Walk around the neighborhood. Dinner. Campfire evening.

3 day. Alaudin Lakes – Seven Lakes (Marguzor Lakes)

Breakfast at 08:00. Today we are waiting for a short hike of 1.5 km along a good path up the gorge, and we find ourselves on the legendary Alaudins. When viewed from a height, mountain lakes are always blue or light blue. Their color is borrowed from the sky. But the color of Alaudin lakes is born inside and wins in a dispute with the sky. Sixteen and a half meters deep, and not a single grain of sand suspended in the water. Alaudin Lakes (Chapdara), lying at an altitude of 2800 m, are considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the Fann Mountains. Return to the camp. Dinner. After lunch we leave in our cars in the direction of the Marguzor lakes. Mizhgon is the first lake in which we will see, falling into the valley at an altitude of 1640 m. It was she who received this name and is considered the most beautiful among others. Lakes appear in the following sequence: Mizhgon at 1640 m, Soya at 1740 m, Gushor, Nofin at 1820 m, Khurdak at 1870 m, Marguzor at 2140 m and Khazorchashma. We will have enough time to take some photo stops. Arrival at the 6th lake Marguzor. Accommodation in the rooms of the Marguzor Tourist Base, on the shore of the 6th lake Marguzor. Dinner. Campfire evening.

4 day. Seven lakes (Marguzor lakes) – Penjikent – Artuch camp

Breakfast at 08:00. After breakfast, we will have plenty of time to see another beauty of the Fann Mountains. This Lake Khazorchashma is the 7th lake from the Cascade of Seven Lakes. After visiting the lake we drive towards the city of Penjikent. The road will take 1.5-2 hours. The city of Penjikent (“five villages”) is located in the Sughd region of Tajikistan in the picturesque valley of the Zeravshan River. It is possible that five villages began the history of this wonderful city, which arose in the 5-8 centuries AD. Penjikent, meanwhile, was one of the most important cultural centers in Sogdiana. It was even named “Central Asian Pompeii”. It was a beautifully fortified organized city with a ruler’s palace, two temples, markets, rich residential buildings were decorated with numerous paintings, wooden and clay statues of the ancient Gods. Visit to the ancient settlement of Sarazm, which is 5500 years old. Visiting of museum. Lunch at the national teahouse. Today we have the opportunity to taste the real taste of the famous Penjikent pilaf. After lunch we drive towards the Artuch camp. Camp Artuch was founded in 1971 during the Soviet era and was considered one of the most famous camps in the post-Soviet space. Accommodation in cottages. Dinner.  Those who wish can take a sauna.

5 day. Camp Artuch – Lake Chukurak

Breakfast. Half-day hike to one of the most beautiful lakes in the Fann Mountains. The ascent will take about 40/60 minutes. First, we will hike up to the double lake Chukurak located above the camp – the lowest of the three in the Chukurak gorge. The color of the elongated lake water unfathomably changes color: from greenish in the afternoon to blue in the evening. Meeting with local residents who live in temporary dwellings and graze livestock. A treat with local dairy products. Return to the camp. Dinner. Pilaf cooking master class.

6 day. Camp Artuch – Iskanderkul lake – Dushanbe

Breakfast. 08:00 Departure from Artuch camp by jeeps. Today we will have a fascinating journey to another pearl of the Fann Mountains – Lake Iskandarkul. Arrival to the Iskanderkul lake. Lunch on the shore of the lake. Afternoon visit to Fann Niagara waterfall. Then we leave in the direction of the capital Dushanbe. Arrival to Dushanbe. Hotel accommodation. Dinner.

 Day 7. Dushanbe

End of the Route. Farewell with the group

* Accommodation (DBL / TWIN) double * Guide
* Meals: Full board, 3 times a day * All entrance fees
* Transfers * Bottled water
Excludes :  
* Alcoholic beverages * All personal expanses


Money exchange:

The money exchange can be replicated upon arrival at local banks.


Tour payment:

For this route, a 100% prepayment must be made no later than 2 weeks before the start of the route.